It has been demonstrated that handmade ice cream, apart from the flavor, is a healthy and balanced food, a complete competent nutrient, thanks to the nutritional value to replace even a meal. From this the importance in the choice of ingredients and also how it is made is invaluable.

The Anga company is certain of its quality and genuineness.

The preparation of ice cream, that takes place everyday, handmade and exclusively with fresh first class ingredients uses the exclusive bases which are then added according to its special recipe: milk, eggs and fruit, that is also fresh and in season. Professional experts the masters of ice cream daily produce, with the assistance of speciality machinery for the creaming, this delicious sweet. Controlled systematically the quality of the freshest raw materials. The amounts,time and refrigeration are carried out with skill at each phase.

The Anga ice cream shop franchises are always accurate and committed in the perfection of their own handmade ice cream production with the knowledge of how to combine quality,genuineness and taste,it concentrates on a rigorous selection of the raw materials used. Utilizing its so called kilometer zero – that reduces the distance between the producer and the consumer contributing to the promotion of local food farming and being friendly to the local enviroment – as for example milk, favored that of donkey and freshly milked.

It is a guarantee of genuineness of the product. Present in all Anga ice cream shops is a list of the ingredients used.

In offbeat observance, those who believe in dominating the trend of experimentation of flavors and tastes that are more diffused by adding additives that “swell” the ice cream making it hyper creamy, but masking a mediocre quality, instead, the ice cream of Anga belongs to the rank of true lovers of taste and flavor and giving justice to one of the typical products of Made in Italy, producing real handmade ice cream. That can be defined as “the ice cream of once ago”, from the unmistakable flavor.

The Anga ice cream franchising shops offer a wide range of ice cream flavors that,with respect to the quality and genuineness of the product changes from season to season.

Ice cream flavors always available with a cream base are, Chocolate, Dark chocolate, Pistachio, Strawberry, Lemon, Giovanna, Nut, Yogurt, Cappucino, Biscuit, Panna cotta, Cherry and Cream, Yogurt with fruits of the forest and Puffo. In the summer season are also available: Melon, Passion fruit, After Eight, Banana, Orange, Green Apple, Coconut and Peach.

Gusti sempre disponibili

Dark chocolate
Panna cotta
Cherry and Cream,
Yogurt with fruits of the forest 

Gusti estivi o stagionali

Passion fruit
After Eight
Green Apple