The location of a business is key. Its geographic location and its visibility are, in fact, central to succeed. Anga Company therefore supports those who intend to undertake an ice cream shops activity, choosing the most appropriate location for opening an affiliate shop.

A place that has to easily communicate with the public, stirring in it the desire to stop and gift itself a moment of refreshing pleasure, the ice cream shop should preferably find location in strategic highly-visited areas, for example nearby schools, cinemas, cultural venues, shopping malls and offices both public and private. Areas of strong pedestrian affluence, therefore, but which are also easily accessible by car – hence the importance of the presence of nearby parking – and that are served by public transport.

The opening of Anga’s retail venues within shopping malls, have high management costs and require a plan in its own right.

Once found the location and “the walls", Anga Company provides the affiliates with furnishings and institutional materials for the design of the shops (summer open air area, ice cream desk and equipment, counter and café equipment, packaging, dresses, products – from ice-cream cups to straws, from napkins to teaspoons), as well as the machines for the ice cream production, thus maximizing the visibility and functionality of the ice cream shop in accordance to the corporate image diffused through the tradional and web medias.