In the whole chain, from the business idea to the delivery of the ice cream to the customer, lies the strength of the Anga Company’s Artisan Ice Creams affiliates.

For lovers of taste, style and creativity Made in Italy who want to make this passion their business, Anga Company has developed a franchise formula without royalties and entry fees, offering a “turnkey" solution for the opening and the management of a Concept Store, perfect conjugation of the gastronomic tradition and that of Italian fashion.

• Free support in drafting the business plan
• Free support in finding the right location
• Free support in designing sales venues
• Supply of equipment and furnishings
• Specific professional training for the management and leading of the shop
• Periodic supply of new typical Italian food, wine products and Italian fashion items
• Support in conducting and promoting the shop

A creative and innovative business, as well as profitable, thanks to a complete package, effectively tested with the opening of the first store in Trebic (Czech Republic), which guarantees quality and uniqueness of food, wine products and fashion products. Of course everything Made in Italy.

Anga Company follows the realization of the Concept Store at every stage by accompanying the affiliates from the drafting of the business plan, the search and choice of a location and premises to their preparation, from obtaining necessary permits until the inauguration. The Company also assures constant support both in the professional training of the staff, which is important to start before the opening of the store, as well as in the supply of typical Italian culinary and wine products and clothing, accessories and footwear.

Anga is also constantly committed to promoting its brand, its products and venues through traditional and web media (websites, social networks, etc.).