The quality and genuineness of the ingredients used enhances the final product.


Typical of products belonging to a long tradition.


Variety of tastes,not only ice-cream but to the whole range of handmade pastries.


Uniqueness of tastes and flavors of the products,in everything traditional.


The reception offered by the staff is always present in all of the Anga Ice cream shops,and they are always ready to satisfy the needs of the customers.


Active sharing is essential in the concept of food.

These are the blessings of which Anga handmade Ice-cream faithfully inspires,the pillars on which it firmly stands.

A typical sweet product from the traditional Italian gastronomy is Ice cream. A healthy food,well balanced and complete,in addition to being tasty,from improved nutritional values,where there is quality and genuineness. The Anga handmade ice cream shop franchising,ambassador to the world of “taste and flavors”of Made in Italy fully supports the philosophy of a Company “exporting”this sweet typical Italian product across the Alps and not only.

Always more appreciated,in fact, not only from the Italian population, handmade ice cream constantly shows extensive approval from abroad too,which appropriately answers the existence of the opening of two Anga ice cream shops,in Znojmo and in Trebic,cities in the Czech Republic. Apart from handmade ice cream,enjoyable in a vast range of flavors,you can also taste and buy handmade pastries,like,ice cream cakes and chilled desserts such as tiramisu, profiteroles and pistachio cake.

Thanks to the coffee bar you are also served to hot and cold drinks in addition and not only the worldwide renowned Italian espresso coffee.

On sale to the public in the Anga ice cream shops there is a vast choice of food and wine products, rigorously Made in Italy: from wines and cheese to oil and pasta.

The whole range of ice cream and pastry products,in addition to the coffee bar,everything Anga offers is exclusively prepared handmade,using the finest and freshest first class ingredients. The Anga ice cream franchising shops are dedicated in fact to perfection of their handmade production,that is combined through skill, quality, genuineness and taste, it concentrates on a rigorous selection of raw materials that endorse fresh products at “kilometer 0” also contributing to the local enviroment.

Our ice cream,belongs to a line of authentic cultural flavors,producing real handmade ice cream. This can be defined as “the ice cream of once ago” the unmistakable flavor.