Crossing Italian borders,taking to foreign countries the best products of Made in Italy. This is the mission that the Anga Company it is predetermined to reach across through the opening of dealerships in franchising. To drive and be able to move the local business idea, to develop a commercial activity and implementing entrepreneurs with the products of excellence in Italian fashion, food and beverage – sectors in which Italy knows its true, exact,standards.

This is the philosophy of The Anga Company.

Always a synonym of creativity, uniqueness, character and style, Made in Italy declares exactly its main expression in the sectors of fashion and that of food and beverage, of which Ice cream is one of the most typical products.

The concept Store, a privileged admission in the world of fashion and of typical Italian gastronomy, presents recurring selections of different articles (from clothing to accessories) and in speciality culinary with brands of excellence. The Handmade Italian Ice-cream that drives the Italian passion (and not only) for the Ice-cream, the coffee shop, and the patisserie all go with the traditions of actively sharing and, essential for the concept of food – offering a wide range of flavors (from ice-cream flavors, hot and cold drinks, chilled desserts, and other typical ice-cream products to handmade pastries), they are the two formulas in franchising offered by the Anga company to diffuse how much they have contributed to define the cultural identity of the country.

Always committed to the research of new items and in the development of new products to guarantee the best Italian products and the best commercial and technical support to our dealerships.

The Anga company is being therefore the ambassador to the world of the brand Made in Italy.