The power of belonging to a land rich in color,taste and traditions,and a country that has the knowledge of gastronomy and also that of fashion,its true flagship. The Anga company has the strength and will to put together the characteristics of Made in Italy with who in this land and in this country don’t experience.

The Anga company was founded in Emilia,an industrial region full of companies known at an international level,not only in the field of fashion but also that of food and beverage. It also boasts the presence of the first ice cream museum in the world.

The entrepreneurial idea Made in Italy and Italian style is diffused through dealerships in franchising beyond limits,that is developing working experience spent following in foreign countries that have demonstrated attention and interest towards Italian excellence:the taste,the style and the creativity,the Italian dream has been taken abroad,this taste,those styles and that creativity,and so,the core business of The Anga company is crossing national borders with the intention to transmit to the world Italian excellence like typical food and beverage products,and their particular roles according to our philosophy taking on handmade ice cream is like the master of fashion, entrepreneurial commercial businesses are growing in various countries through the formula of franchising.

The dealerships (handmade ice cream and concept stores)already open in the Czech Republic thanks to the success of earnings and daily improvements,are the positive answers to a winning entrepreneurial formula and at the same time the strength that follows and gives life to more new projects to expand the Italian gastronomy and Italian fashion.

“Why the name Anga?Far from any Greek or Latin derivation or from acronyms, the name Anga is the simple and curious word pronounced by our gran daughter to indicate the moon for the first time with a loving look,we then realized it is our only natural satellite. What better term therefore to point to the Italian dream? The moon,that illuminates the night,a symbol of mystery,of imagination,of magical rituals,of cyclical procedures,of goals,of dreams….."